• Happy Birthday to me

    37 years today and I’ve been pixeling since 2001. I’m getting old. To celebrate, I’ll upload more of the bases I have redone over the last few months. Baka Genki Komomo Asuka Weenie

  • Doll, sort of

    I’ve done the procrastinator’s cycle: I’ve put off working on one set of bases enough times(4 separate items to be exact) to come full-circle to the things I was trying to procrastinate on, go me. Been working on a series of bases in tandem with other stuff, and had a wild idea. I swear, it’s […]

  • Jiffy Base

    This was one of my very first bases,originally made circa 2001/2002, I can’t really remember. At some point in the last 10 years I had recolored it with my at the time Standard Color Palette but I decided to strip the excess colors and bring it back to the bare minimum of 9 colors. Trying […]

  • Here we go again…

    It’s been, what, 10, 15 years since I worked on a website and I’ve forgotten everything except basic HTML. Considering pixel dolls are not an art form easily viewed on current generation devices due to pesky things like mobile zoom and auto-scaling on desktop, it’s gonna be a very exhausting WIP to start with. I’ll […]